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Investing in the North East of England We have seen that the uncertainty we are facing in our political landscape has brought growth in the London property market to a steady halt –
Electrical Safety Certificates In 2020 the government is introducing legislation which will require landlords to provide an electrical safety certificate on the day new tenants move into their property.
Tenant Fee Ban From the 1st June 2019 a Tenant Fee Ban is being introduced by the UK government which will impact the fees that are currently charged as
Block Management Over the years we have been driven to roll out our leaseholder-centric Block and Property Management Service, utilising the resources we already have in house. Our
Why landlords should reinvest in their property each year to attract better tenants It has become evident over the years which types of properties are going to attract tenants straight away. Occasionally the timing makes a big difference to
Managing your finances in 2019 The new year brings new beginnings and maybe a time to reflect on your finances for the next 12 months. You may be asking what sensible
How easy is it to find out the value of my property? So you want to know how much your house is worth but you don’t want to deal with an estate agent? Well the good news is
How much rent should I charge? As a landlord with a property to rent, there is a very simple way of finding out how much rent you should charge. Simply, look on

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